The Renee Garrelick Oral History Program Collection

Concord Center 1959-60
Concord Center from Monument Square, 1959-1960.  Keith Martin, photographer.
Not to be reproduced without permission from the Concord Free Public Library.

The Renee Garrelick Oral History Program (also known as the Concord Oral History Program) consists of interviews with Concord citizens from all walks of life. Begun in the 1970s, the program has resulted in the collected histories of hundreds of Concord citizens. Iinterviews through 2006 were conducted by Renee Garrelick and transcribed by Nancy McKinney. Photographer Alice Moulton's portraits also form an important part of the collection through 2006. Renee Garrelick died in January 2007. Since 2008, Concord Oral History Program interviews have been mananaged by the Concord Free Public Library and conducted by an outside contractor. Many of these oral histories are also included in the reference collection (please see the reference staff for more information.) Additional oral history collections, apart from the official Concord Oral History Program, are also available in Special Collections.

Note: Begining in May 2011, we will be experimenting with putting on the audo portion of the interviews in .mp3 formmat. Comments and suggestions are most appreciated. Please send them to the Special Collections webmaster.

This project is funded in part by the Garrelick family.

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Abbott, Mary Ogden Concord Art Association 1978 Audio *
Abbott, Mary Ogden Recollections of Dr. George Titcomb n.d. None *
Alden, Peter World-renowned naturalist 2009 Audio *
Alexander, Jim Life-long resident,
   Concord Police Dept.
1993 Audio *
Andersen, Krist (see: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
    for the First Time)
1986 Cassette
Anderson, Esther Howe Uncle Will and Aunt Fannie
   Wheeler. Running the farm
   at Nine Acre Corner.
1980 None
Anthony, Barbara (see: League of Women Voters) Cassette
Arena, Angelo (see: Concord Farmers) 1987    
Arena, John (see: Concord Farmers) 1987    
Arena, Nat (see: Concord Farmers) 1987    
Arena, Nat Farming in Concord 2003 Audio *
Arkin, Nat (see: Orkin, Leonard) Audio *
Armenti, Amedio "Al" Activism 2001 Audio
Aschaffenburg, Bette (see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Atkins, Chet State Representative 1993 Audio *
Atkins, Chet (SuAsCo
   Scenic Rivers Legislation)
Audio *
Babcock, Elizabeth D. Growing up and living in Concord 1977 Audio *
Bailey, Catherine (see: Walden Breezes) Cassette
Bailey, Edith Life-long resident of Concord 1977 Audio *
Bailey, Edith (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette  
Bailey, Edith (see: West Concord Woman's Club) 1987 Cassette  
Baker, Terry (see: Millbrook, Preservation of the) Cassette *
Barney, Rev. David Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church 2001 Audio *
Barr, Debbie (see: League of Women Voters) Cassette
Beecher, Nancy B. (see: League of Women Voters) Cassette
Beecher, Norman Military experiences 2005 Audio *
Bell, Jean (see: Concord Prison Outreach, 1999) 1999 Audio *
Bemis, John (see: Concord Farmers) 1987    
Bemis, John (see: Palumbo, Frank) 2003 Cassette *
Bemis, John Hutchins Farm 2006 Audio *
Benes, Peter (see: Seeing Statue of Liberty
   for the first time)
1986 Cassette
Benincasa, Philip Principal, Alcott School 2002 Audio *
Benoit, II, Major Benjamin L. (see: Minuteman Statue
   (Replication of))
Benson, C. Sanfred

Life-long resident of Ball's Hill Road

1983 Cassette
Bier, Deborah Preserving community in Concord 2008 Part 1
Part 2
Blancke, Shirley Concord archaeologist 2010 Audio
Blatt, Julia (see: SuAsCo) Audio
Boardman, Dr. Donnell Perspectives on primary care
1998 Audio *
Bordman, John Family life in Concord 2003 Audio *
Boynton, Nick Development in Concord 2009 Audio
   Dalgo and Velina
Eyewitness to Pearl Harbor;
   Growing up "in back of the depot."
1981 Audio *
Broderick, Ellen Towler Excerpts from Elle Towler Broderick's
   unpublished personal memories
1988 None *
Broderick, Ellen "Nelly" Towler Irish growing up in Concord 1992 Audio *
Brooke, Peter 1994 Audio *
Brown, Mary Powers 2000 Audio *
Browne, Pierce 2003 Audio *
Bulger, William Concord-Carlisle High School
   History Teacher
1977 Audio  
Burke, Gerard J. Burke family; Burke land in Concord 2005 Audio *
     Robert and Olive (Oggie)
(see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
     Robert and Olive (Oggie)
Conantum 1992 Audio *
Buttrick, Stedman 1997 Audio *
Byron, Charles 1977 Audio *
     Harold and Adeline
Growing up in Concord 1977 Audio *
Cahoon, Harold Concord Country Club 1977 Audio
Cahoon, Harold (see: John Thoren) 1978 Cassette
Cardaropoli, Fred Vietnam War 1988 None
      Arthur and Bob,
     with Nancy and Doris Carr
Independent Community Pharmacists 2004 Audio
Carter, Robert Junketing around the Depots 1992 Audio *
Carter, Robert Family furniture business in
   West Concord
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Carter, Winifred and Robert Growing up and living in
   West Concord
1980 Audio *
Carey, Pat (see: Magurn, Francis)
Casey, David (see: CHS Class of 1954) Audio *
Chase, Harold 1977 Audio *
Clark, Gladys Afield in Concord undated None *
Clark, Gladys On Ellen Emerson undated None *
Clark, Gladys   1977 Audio *
Clark, Gladys   1979 Audio *
Clark, Gladys Education in Concord 1981 Audio *
Clark, Gladys Life on "The Plain" 1981 Audio
Clarkson, John 1986 Audio
Closser, Jay Town Appraiser 2000 Audio *
Clough, Charles "Chuck" (see: Our Lady Help of Christians Church,
   Closing of)
Clymer, Diana (see: Concord Prison Outreach, 1999) Audio *
Cogswell, Rosemary (see: Hayward, Ruth) *
Cole, Geoffrey President, Emerson Hospital 1995 Audio *
Cole, Geoffrey President, Emerson Hospital 2001 Audio
Coles, Dr. Robert "The Morality of Children" 1992 Audio *
Comeau, Charles 1977 Audio *
Conantum Neighborhood 1986 *
Concord Clergy-Laity Group (see: Kerem Shalom) Cassette
Concord Farmers Interviews 1987
Concord Fire Department Visit to New York City Ground Zero 2002 Cassette *
Concod High School Class of 1945 (see: Horgan, Kathleen Dee)     *
Concord High School Class of 1954 2004 Audio *
Concord Independent Battery 1804-2004 200th anniversary 2004 Audio
Concord Prison Outreach, 1999   1999 Audio
Concord Prison Outreach, 2004   2004 Audio
Concord Rod & Gun Club
   Sept. 29, 2010
Henry Dane, Marty Powers,
   David Wood
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Concord Rod & Gun Club
   Sept. 30, 2010
Bruce Harvey and David Wood 2010 Part 1
Part 2
Concord Rotary Club Concord Rotary, 75th anniversary
   in 2006
2005 Audio *
Condon, Jim Memories of Concord Junction 2002 Audio *
Crocker, Mary 2006 Audio *
Crosby, Jack (see: Millbrook, Preservation of the) *
Crosby, Margaret (Peg) (see: West Concord Woman's Club) 1987 Cassette  
Cull, Gladys (see: Gertrude Hagerty) 1978 Cassette
Curtin, Susan (see Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Damon, Ann (see: West Concord Woman's Club) 1987 Cassette  
Damon, Edward Carver (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Damon, Florence M.
   (Mrs. Winslow.)
1977 Audio *
Dane, Henry (see: Concord Rod and Gun
   Club, Sept. 29 2010 interview)
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Damon, Richard 1990 Audio *
Davis, Kay "The Little Drummer Boy" 1978 Audio
Davis, Dr. William 1979 None *
Day, Frederic "Lanny" (see Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Day, Barbara and Frederic "Lanny" 1997 Audio *
Dedication and Beginings
   of Kerem Shalom
1993 Cassette *
Dee, Charles 1982 Audio *
Dee, Charles America's Secret War in Europe 1991 Audio *
Dee, Charles "They Flew By Night." The
   801st/492 Bombardment Group
Dee, Joseph 1978 Audio *
Dennehy, Kathleen (see: Concord Prison Outreach, 2004) Audio
DiCicco, Dorothy (see: CHS Class of 1954) 1998 Audio *
DiCicco, Elaine Principal, Concord-Carlisle High
1998 Audio *
DiCicco, Elaine Principal, Concord-Carlisle High
2001   *
DiGiovanni, Guy P. Period Realty Trust 2003 Audio *
Dillon, Tom Concord Carlisle Educators Oral
1990 Audio *
Domar, Carola Holocost survivor 1998 Audio
Dopazo, Elizabeth 20th Annual Holocaust Memorial
2000   Audio
Downey, Robert (see: CHS Class of 1954) Audio *
Drinker, Ruth Brooks
   and Marie Gooding Eaton
Memoirs of Concord Academy 2003 Audio *
Dwyer, Carol Forty Years in Concord Audio
Eaton, Marie Gooding (see: Drinker, Ruth Brooks)   Audio *
Eaton, Robert (see: Concord Independent Battery) 2004 Audio *
Edgarton, Charles (Chick) 1977 Cassette *
Edgerton, Bill Concord Public Works, 1997-2006 2006 Audio *
Edmonds, Walter 1980 Cassette *
Eliot, Abigail Eliot-Pearson / Tufts 1979 Cassette *
Ellis, Maude 1980 Cassette *
Emerson, David (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Everett, Robert MITRE Corp. 1995 Cassette *
Faieta, Frances (see: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
    for the First Time)
1986 Cassette
Feehan, Faustin 1993 Cassette *
Fenn, Roger & Eleanor 1977 Cassette *
Fenn, Roger Founding of the Fenn School 1977 *
Fenn, Roger Strawberries & Streetcars 1979 Cassette *
Ferran, Archibald "Archie" 1977 Cassette
Filipov, Loretta Al Filipov, September 11, 2001 2002 *
Filipov, Loretta and Rev. John Lombard Five years after September 11th 2006 CD
Finigan, John 1989 Cassette *
Finigan, John (see: Minute Man National Historical
Fleming, Father Austin The Faith Community 2001 Cassette *
Fleming, Father Austin Holy Family Parish 2005 Cassette *
Flood, Carrie (see: Richard Kruszkowski)
Forbes, Julia (see: Forbes Family) 1993 Cassette
Forbes, Maynard (see: Forbes Family) 1993 Cassette
Forbes, Maynard 25th anniversary end of Vietnam War 2000 Cassette *
Forbes Family 1993 Cassette
Forgiveness and Reconciliation   2003 Cassette
Forrester, Dr. Jay (see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Forrester, Dr. Jay Project Whirlwind 1994 *
Gall, Lawrence (see: Minuteman Statue
   (Replication of))
Garrelick, Daniel CCHS community service 1996 Cassette
Gerut, Rosalie (see: Holocaust Remembrance, 1993) 1996 Cassette
Gifford, Chandler (see: Lawrence, Gilbert)
Gillespie, Ian Gillespie & Co., Inc. 1999 Cassette *
Giurleo, Dan & Rosemary Colonial Gardens 2006 Cassette
Goetschius, Hazel Maxine Fultz (see: CHS Class of 1954) Audio *
Gold, Sylvia (see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Goodwin, Doris Kearns "The Art of Biography" 1989 *
Goodwin, Doris Kearns Impact of WWII on the
1994 *
Goodwin, Richard Memories of RFK 1988 *
Goodwin, Richard Presidential advisor and speechwriter
   for JFK & LBJ
1999 Cassette *
Gordon, Jayne Historian and teacher, Concord and
2009 Audio *
Greeley, Rev. Dana McLean First Parish Church 1982 Cassette *
Hagerty, Gertrude and Gladys Cull 1978 Cassette
Hall, Dennison ("Denny") (see: Ian Gillespie) 1999 Cassette *
Hall, John (see: Ian Gillespie) 1999 Cassette *
Haldeman, Louise S. (see: League of Women Voters)
Hale, Dick (see: Concord Rotary Club) 2005 Audio *
Ham, Phebe Education in China - Part I 1989 Cassette
Ham, Phebe Education in China - Part II 1990 Cassette
Ham, Phebe Saving Harrington House - 1975 2005 Cassette
Harvey, Bruce (see: Concord Rod and Gun
Club, Sept. 30 2010
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Harvey, Christina (see: Walden Breezes)
Harvey, Phyllis (see: Walden Breezes)
Haskett, Flora M. (see Walden Breezes)
Haugh, Bill (see: Concord Fire Dept.)
Hay, Carl Joseph 1979 Cassette *
Hayes, Dick (see: Horgan, Kathleen Dee)      
Hayes, Tom 2005 Cassette *
Hayward, Marian (see: Hayward, Ruth) *
Hayward, Ruth Development of the Riverdale/
   Southfield Road Neighborhood
2002 Cassette *
Hemenway, Ralph 1983 Cassette *
Higgins, Barry and Dorothy "Dot" 1994 Cassette *
Hills, Lou Saving Harrington House - 1975 2005 Cassette *
Hirshtick, Jon (see: John McEleney) Cassette *
Holcomb, Robert Church of Christ, Scientist 2001 Cassette *
Holden, Carolyn Peterson (see: Horgan, Kathleen Dee)   *
Holden, Hollis Acadian Utilities, Inc. 2004 *
Holmes, Dr. Jack Primary Care Practice 1988 *
Holocaust Memorial Observance collection  
(see: Domar, Carola) 1998
(see: Dopazo, Elizabeth) 2000
(see: Holocaust Remembrance, 1993) 1993
(see: Krasa, E. 25th Annual) 2005
Holocaust Remembrance, 1993 1993
Horgan, Kathleen Dee Concord High School Class of 1945 1995 *
Horgan, Kathleen Dee (see: Our Lady Help of Christians
Hsu, J. T. 30 Years as Chinese-American
   in Concord
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Hudner, Jr., Thomas Congressional Medal of Honor 1990 Cassette *
Hudson, Rev. John West Concord Union Church 2001 Cassette *
Hurley, Kevin (see Millbrook)
Inferrera, Dominic (see: CHS Class of 1954) Audio *
Ishihara, Jiro and Tama Relocation of Japanese-Americans
   During World War II
1988 Cassette *
Ishihara, Jiro and Tama Japanese-American experience 1991 Cassette *
Jackson, Bill (see Visitors Center)
Jackson, Marcus (see Concord Fire Dept.)
Jarnagin, Bill Journalist and combat soldier 2001 Cassette
Johnson, Mary (see Visitors Center)
Johnston, Dr. Reginald Fulton 1978 Cassette
Joslin, Elmer 1977 Cassette
Joslin, Elmer Strawberries & Streetcars 1979 Cassette *
Joslin, Elmer (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Kalinowski, Ken Town Engineer 2004 Cassette *
   Phyllis and Mel
Dedication and Beginings
   of Kerem Shalom
1992 Cassette *
Kennedy, Elsie 1977 Cassette *
Kennedy, Elise (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Kenney, Lawrence 1977
Kenney, Philip 1979 Cassette
Kenney, Philip (see Concord Independent Battery) 2004 Audio *
Kent, Helen Root 1982 Cassette *
Kerem Shalom Synagogue collection      
(see: Dedication and Beginings
   of Kerem Shalom)
1993 Cassette
(see: Forgiveness and Reconciliation) 2003 Cassette
Keyes, Jay and Judy 2003 Cassette *
Kidder, George 1991 Cassette *
Koch, Carl (see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Koch, Carl Conantum 1992 Cassette *
Krasa, Edgar 25th Annual Holocaust
   Memorial Observance
Kruszkowski, Richard and Carrie Flood 1998 Cassette *
Kuphal, Ilona (see: Holocaust Remembrance, 1993) 1996 Cassette
Kussin, Louisa Alcott Pratt
   (Mrs. William)
1980 Cassette *
Kussin, William F. 1997 Cassette *
Lambert, John and Althea 1977 Cassette *
Landini, Paul 2000 Cassette *
Larsen, Ruth (see Hayward, Ruth) *
Latham, Dr. Virginia 2001 Cassette *
Lawrence, Connie Martinson 1992 Cassette *
Lawrence, Gilbert, Raymond Lawrence,
    and Sarah Lawrence Minty
1995 Cassette *
Leach, Brad Concord Board of Health 1992 Cassette *
League of Women Voters 2000 Cassette *
Lee, Barbara and Winthrop 1993 Cassette *
Leighton, Marguerite 1981
Levy, Norton Concord-Carlisle Educators
   Oral History
1990 Cassette
Lightman, Alan and Jean Lightman Novelist, physicist, educator 2003 Cassette
Lilien, Elliott CCHS 2003 Cassette *
Lilien, Elliott Thirty-Five Year Teaching Career
   at Concord-Carlisle High School,
   1965 to 2000.
2003 Cassette *
Little, David 1977 Cassette *
Little, David (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Little, David Harry Britton Little's Concord:
   Public and domestic
   architecture, 1914-1944
1989 Cassette
Little, David (see: Minuteman Statue
   (Replication of))
Little, David Concord's WWII memorial 1994 Cassette
Logemann, Penny & Hugo (see Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Lombard, Rev. John Trinitarian Congregational Church 2001 Cassette *
Lombard, Rev. John Spiritual impact of 9/11 2002 Cassette
Lombard, Rev. John Sermon: "The One Essential Thing" 2006 Cassette
Lombard, Rev. John and Loretta Filipov Five years after September 11th 2006 CD
Lorenz, Jack Maple Real Estate Trust 2006 Cassette *
Loughlin, Jr., Richard 1987 Cassette *
Loughlin, Jr., Richard (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Lowell, Elizabeth Shurcliffe 2001 Cassette *
Luckens, Rabbi Michael (see: Dedication and Beginings
   of Kerem Shalom)
1992 Cassette *
Lukens, Rabbi Michael (see: Holocaust Remembrance, 1993) 1996 Cassette
Luckens, Rabbi Michael (see also Kerem Shalom) 2001 Cassette *
Lush, Mary (see: West Concord Woman's Club) 1987 Cassette  
Macadam, David, Rev.

New Life Community Church

2001 *
Macone, Anna 1979 *
Macone, Doug (see Concord Independent Battery) 2004 Audio *
Macone, Lt. Paul 2002 *
Macone, Ralph (Peanut) 1977 *
MacWilliams, C. Waldo "Brick" Building Inspector 1983 *
Magee, John Arthur D. Little, Inc. 1996
Magurn, Francis & Pat Carey 1997 *
Manion, Anna 1977
Manion, Anna Strawberries and Streetcars 1979 Cassette *
Manion, Anna (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Manion, Anna Life at the Concord Depot 1992 Audio *
Manion, Anna (see: Minuteman Statue
   (Replication of))
Mara, Mark 1977 *
Marabello, John (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Marshall, Richard and Diane 2005
Matthews, George Nuclear Metals, Inc. 1996 *
Mattison, William "Jack" 1997 *
Mazzeo, Nancy (see: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
    for the First Time)
1986 Casette
McCouch, Gordon Town government 1995 *
McCune, William Polaroid Corp. 1996 *
McEleney, John SolidWorks, Concord, Mass. 2005 *
McGuigan, Barbara Pereira (see: CHS Class of 1954) Audio *
McHugh, Terence and John 1977 *
McPhillips, David Father of Lt. Brian McPhillips 2003
McWalter, David McWalter Insurance Agency 1997 *
McWalter, Robert 2003 *
Millbrook, Preservation of the Jack Crosby and Terry Baker 2000
Miller, Marian 1977 *
Miller, Marian Nashawtuc Light House [1977?] *
Minty, Jr., John R. Concord Building Inspector 2008 Part 1
Part 2
Minty, Sarah Lawrence (see Lawrence, Gilbert)
Minute Man National Historical Park (40th Anniversary) 1999
Minuteman Statue (Replication of) 1992
Monahan, Dan Supt. Natural Rsources 1998 *
Montague, Carla (see: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
    for the First Time)
1986 Cassette
Morris, Freelon See Concord Independent Battery 2004 Audio *
Morrison, Rev. Guy   1998 *
Moslems, Christians, and Jews
    in Conversation
(see: Forgiveness and Reconciliation) 2003 Cassette
Moulton, Francis "Pat" 1992 *
Murray, Father John St. Bernard's Church 2001 *
Murray, John, Father (Chaplain) (see Concord Fire Dept.)  
Murphy, Sean (see Concord Fire Dept.)
Nanae, Japan, Delegation to Sister City Signing 1997 Cassette
Nashe, Leif see: Ostborg, John [1977?] Cassette
Nelson, Nancy (see Minute Man National Historical
   Park )
Newbury, Anne & Egbert 1979 Cassette *
Newbury, Anne (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Noke, Billy (see: Concord Fire Dept.)
Nowalk, Edward (see: Concord Farmers) 1987    
Old, Dr. Bruce Nuclear Metals, Inc. 1993 Cassette *
Olsen, Ken Founder Digital Equipment 1997 Cassette *
O'Neil, Richard Supt. Concord Municipal Light 1987
Orkin, Leonard and Nat Arkin Growing up Jewish in Concord 1998 Audio *
Orlando, Peter 50th anniversary D-Day 1994 Cassette *
Ostborg, John and Leif Nashe Nowegian community [1977?] Cassette
Our Lady of Help of Christians Church,
   Closing of
Charles "Chuck" Clough 2004 Cassette *
Owen, Colleen (see Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Padden, Pat (see: Visitors Center)
Palumbo, Frank Farming 1993 Cassette *
Palumbo, Joe Farming 2005 Cassette *
Perenik, Major General Charles H. (see: Minuteman Statue
   (Replication of))
Phalon, Philip Raytheon 1996 Cassette *
Pickard, Elizabeth 1981
Powell, Barbara Director, Concord Free Public Library 2009 Audio *
Powers, James 1980 Cassette *
Powers, James (see: Concord Rod and Gun
   Club, Sept. 29 2010 interview)
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Prentiss, Donald (see: Concord Fire Dept.) 2002
Pulis Family (three generations) Family members interviewed:
   Clifford, Dorothy ("Dot"), Todd
   and Faith
1999 Cassette *
Purcell, Dr. Elmer 1988 Cassette
Rankin, Jenny, Rev. First Woman Minister in the
   First Parish UU Church
2010 Audio
Re-entry and Integration
    of Prisoners to Society
(see: Concord Prison Outreach, 2004) 1986 Cassette
Recco, Anna (see: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
    for the First Time)
1986 Cassette
Remembrances for 100th
   Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty
(see: Seeing the Statue of Liberty
    for the First Time)
1986 Cassette *
Richardson, Laurence Eaton 1978 Cassette *
Richardson, Laurence Eaton (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Robinson, Carolyn Forbes (see: Forbes Family) 1993 Cassette
Robinson, Gordon 1986 Cassette *
Robinson, Gordon Willow Pond Kitchen 1992 Cassette
Robinson, Gordon Concord Municipal Light Plant 1998 Cassette
Rotary Club of Concord,
   75th Anniversary
(see: Concord Rotary Club) 2005 Audio *
Rubinstein, Joseph 1986
Russell, Dr. Alden Veterinary medicine 1978 Cassette *
Ryan, Richard Retired Fire Chief 1995 Cassette *
Ryan, Thomas William 1980
Saalfield, Melissa Living, working & community
   service in Concord
2009 Audio *
Sack, Daniel J. Concord Municipal Light Plant 2008 Audio *
Schevill, Barbara Lawrence Concord Land Conservation Trust 1995 Cassette  
Scimone, Antonio 1977 Cassette *
Scimone, Frank (see Concord Farmers) 1987    
Scimone, Frank & Angelina Frank Scimone Farm 2005 Cassette *
Scott, Thomas Superintendent, CPS, CCHS 1998 Cassette
Seeing the Statue of Liberty
   for the first time
Remembrances for 100th Anniversary
   of the Statue of Liberty
1986 Cassette  
Shaw, Gordon Hutchins 1992 Cassette *
Shaw, John 2006 CD *
Shaw, Jr., Mrs. Walter (Helen) 1977 *
Shaw Estate, Thomas Mott 1988
Sheperd, Annabelle W. (see: League of Women Voters)
Sheperd, Annabelle W. (see: Visitors Center) *
Silva, Mary and Joe A Death in the Family from AIDS 1990 Cassette *
Simonds, Marshall and Kate Carlisle Town Moderator 1999 ? ?
Smith, Benjamin Lincoln 1978 Cassette *
Smith, Eric Parkman (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
Smith, Eric Parkman 1999 Cassette *
Smith, Farnham W. 1979 Cassette
Smith, Rev. Gary First Parish Meeting House 2001 Cassette *
Smith, Maude 1997 Cassette *
Smith, Whitney S. 1980 Cassette *
Soberg, Howard E&S Mobile Gas Station 2006 CD *
Soberg, Thelma and Lillian Vaccarello Nowegian community 2002 Cassette *
Sosman, Justice Martha Supreme Judicial Court 2004 Cassette *
Soutter, Mary Concord Land Conservation Trust 1994 Cassette *
Spaulding, Richard Real Estate Development 2006 CD *
Stanley, Marian Polaroid Corp. 1996 Cassette *
Sterling, Pat (see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986    
Stevenson, Arthur Town Counsel 1988 Cassette *
Stevenson, Arthur Town Moderator 2000 Cassette *
Stockman, Virginia (see: Walden Pond Remembered) 1987 Cassette
SuAsCo (see: Atkins, Chet) Audio
Sullivan, Bill (see: SuAsCo) Audio *
Suter, Philip Town government [2002] Cassette *
Sweeney, Major General Charles W. Experiences at Hiroshima
Thompson, Helen 1977 Cassette *
Thoren, John Golfing in the days of
   the hickory shaft
1978 Cassette
Thornton, Marion Preserving open space in Concord 2008 Part 1
Part 2
Thornton, Marion

(see Lowell, Elizabeth Shurcliffe)

ca. 1977    
Thornton, Marion

(see Schevill, Barbara Lawrence)

Thornton, Marion

(see Soutter, Mary)

Thurston, William GenRad 1993 Cassette *
Tombeno, Thomas Concord Fire Dept. 1981 Cassette *
Towler, Bill "Bill Towler's Concord" ca. 1977
Tucker, Virginia and Dr. E.W. "Brud" 1992 Cassette *
Tunnicliffe IV, Edward "Ted" Evolving Traditions of Death &
   Dying at the Beginning of
   the 21st Century
2003 Cassette *
Turnquist, Jan Director, Louisa May Alcott's
   Orchard House
2009 Audio *
Vaccarello, Lillian (see Soberg, Thelma) Cassette *
Vanderhoof, Parker & Scott Vanderhoof's Hardware 2004 Cassette *
Verrill, Amy and Floyd Farming 1981 Cassette *
Verrill, Stephen (see Concord Farmers) 1987    
Verrill, Stephen Verrill Farm (Part 1) 1990 Cassette
Verrill, Stephen Verrill Farm (Part 2) 2006 Cassette *
Visitors Center Building a Visitors Information Center 2002 Cassette
Waksman, Peter Concord archaeology, pre-history 2010 Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Walden Breezes 1995 Cassette *
Walden Pond Remembered 1987 Cassette
Walker, Frances and George 1980 Cassette
Walker, Neal (see: Concord Rotary Club) 2005 Audio *
Walpole, Judy Public service on behalf of Concord 2009 Audio *
Wanzer, Dr. Sidney Internist 1988 Cassette
Watt, Helen and Chauncey (see Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Webster, Burt (see Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Weeks, Jr., Sinclair 1996 Cassette *
Weitz, Sonia Auschwitz survivor 1995 Cassette *
Wells, Elsie Derby 1979 Cassette
West Concord Woman's Club 85th birthday commemorative 1987 Cassette

Wetherbee, Sr., Leonard
Weaherbee Jr., Leonard

Police officer
Chief of Police, Concord
[1999] Cassette *
Wheeler, Gertrude (see: West Concord Woman's Club) 1987 Cassette  
Wheeler, Joseph Coolidge 1995 *
Wheeler, Joseph Coolidge From farming roots in Concord to
   international service
2008 Part 1
Part 2
Wheeler, Rusty Farming Nine-Acre Corner 1977 Cassette *
Wheeler, Marian Walk through Old Hill Burying
   Ground and South Burying
2003 Cassette *
Wheeler, Marian Walking Tour of Sleepy Hollow 2005 Cassette
Wheeler, Marian Looking back at over 60 years in
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Wheeler, Richard W. (Rick) Generations of the Wheeler family
   in Concord
2009 Part 1
Part 2
Wilayto, Henry Survival at Bataan 1991 Cassette *
Wilbur, Sara (Win) Historic preservation in Concord 2009 Audio *

Wild and Scenic River Legislation

(see: Chet Atkins) 1999 Audio *
Wilinsky, Mary (see: Conantum Neighborhood) 1986   *
Wilkins, Herbert P. 1990 Cassette *
Wilkins, Herbert P. (see also: Minute Man National
   Historical Park)
1990 Cassette *
Willie, Dr. Charles 1989 Cassette *
Willie, Dr. Charles Concord-Carlisle Human
   Rights Council
Willette, Kenneth Chief, Concord Fire Department 2008 Audio
Willow Pond Kitchen (see: Gordon Robinson)
Wood, David Curator, Concord Museum 2009 Audio *
Wood, David (see: Concord Rod and Gun
   Club, Sept. 29 2010 interview)
2010 Part 1
Part 2
Wood, David (see: Concord Rod and Gun
   Club, Sept. 30 2010 interview)
2010 Part 1
Part 2
World War II, music of Compiled by Daniel Garrelick n.d. Audio
Yans, Frank MIT - Nuclear Metals 2005 Cassette *

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